Sometimes I am happy
Acting all jumpy
Sometimes its the opposite way round
At times i cant even tell what makes it turn around

Some times i write words so deeep
Depends on my mood
Sometimes all i do is brood
On things i could just skip

Sometimes when my mood is away
I draw it back
Take it by the neck
And let it all out in the pen's way

Sometimes darkness comes down
An image of doom
Turns my smile into a frown
My smile just goes, boom

Sometimes all my heart does is cry
Tears fill my eyes
But i stil try to stand high
And not let the tears trickle down

Sometimes puting my words together becomes a task
They some how become locked in a flask
And are kinda hidden by a mask
Where did they go i tend to ask

Sometimes life's not a joy
Although i always try to smile
And keep sadness at a far mile
Even when happiness tend to be hard to get by

Sometimes I feel like i am loosing my light
I get covered by a mist of despair
Dissapointments and lots of hurt to my heart
Why trying to get things to become right

Sometime awakened are the memories i keep
Deep down in my hearts safe keep
The happy ones that make we wanna fly
And those that always hurt so deep

Sometimes my life is just kinda calm
Feeling just normal i am
Far away from all harm
Feeling all cozy and warm

Sometimes i feel trapped in a storm
No where to run
Cant even get where i am from
Cause all I see is enimity and my foes

But I try all the time to always put on a smile
Never want to brought down
For what i want to acheive still streches a mile
And at the end of the day i want to wear a crown

My best of time
Is when i am with or talk to my pals
Family too i love them alll
Then next is when i write or read
For I love the knowledge feed
Time spent in nature lies also in my favorite rhyme

But always all the time
At my little spare time
My emtions onto paper
I release then with a rhyme.