is he finally asleep ? , asked the excited old lady, while she dressed.
its done ! just like you told me to , the little girl replied, depressed

how did he react when you told him your name ? the old lady smiled
he screamed like he was being skinned alive, why ? the girl spoke up, riled

because the man, you went there to avenge, was my brother,
murdered by the man, you just killed, who married your mother.

the girl cried, why would you make me do such a thing ?
the lady sighed, because I let revenge make me it's play thing !

so I continue this evil cycle my father began ? screamed the girl, furiously
would you make it quick ! the lady replied while she handed her the gun, cautiously

"I decide your penance", said the girl
with her eyes on flames, with a twirl.

anything for you ! replied the lady at ease,
with a feeling that barely resembled peace.

she whispered, "would you rather be my mother or hand me another task ? "
and the lady replied " my daughter of course, I thought you would never ask ! "

© donatello050