Our story
I beg of you to read my story,
Read it over and over again,
You closed my book of love so easily,
As you skipped over to the end.

I plead you, just look at my story
Stop rereading his who tore yours,
You loved him, but what of me?
Have I not loved you for many years?

I beg of you, to keep writing ours
Why must you pause it now?
Just so you can read his for hours,
You shift the plot somehow.

I plead you, stop reading his
You know this hurts us both
You say you love me, then stop doing this
So we can focus on our growth.

I ask of you, to write our story
Our tears shall be the ink
Poured to every single word we feel,
Like the wine of love we drink.

We can do it together! ♡
© J. Phillipi