Shown Me
The first time I took you
I was taken by surprise,
I had to take a deep breath,
Just to accompany your size.
It was like a new beginning
Accommodating you.
But I didn't mind.
And you could tell too.
As I rocked you
You rocked me,
We both knew
It was our destiny.
The tension we felt
Was relieved that night.
When you fed that huge dick
To a pussy so tight.
 it was all so new to me,
Even the passion that you shared.
For that, I had never had
No one before you ever cared.
You called me beautiful,
Something before, I never heard.
You made me feel
By feeding me words.
Words that meant the world to me,
Just as they do now.
For I wouldn't be the woman I am
If you hadn't shown me how.

© Kristin E. Porter