Alone I sit, in the quiet of the night,
Surrounded by darkness, no end in sight.
A feeling of emptiness deep within,
A longing for someone to take me in.

Loneliness is a heavy burden to bear,
A weight that seems too much to share.
It's a feeling that grips me, day after day,
A sense of isolation that won't go away.

The silence is deafening, the walls close in,
As I sit here, lost in my own skin.
The world outside seems so far away,
As I struggle to find the words to say.

The ache in my heart is hard to ignore,
As I long for a love that's worth fighting for.
But in the midst of this loneliness and pain,
I know that there's still hope to gain.

For even in the darkest of night,
There's a glimmer of hope, a flicker of light.
A love that's waiting to be found,
A peace that's waiting to come around.

So though I may be alone for now,
I know that one day, somehow,
The loneliness will fade away,
And I'll find the love that's here to stay.

© Rosely1998