hybrid jungle
. #CityscapeChronicles

I live in a hybrid jungle.
City is what they call it,
Jungle has also its classifications,
People loose their peace for it,

I call it jungle the hybrid one,
It has mystic source of energy,
Restless eyes, lack of smiles,
It don't have time for sympathy,

I call it jungle by the creatures it caters,
With less humane and more animal,
Yet they differ by the way they look,
Or how they want the world to see them,

Its less a jungle with skytouching scrapers
Made by killing such trees,
Yet how ruthless it may be,
The world just craves for it,

Let the negative be aside
Adore some inhumane things,
The night ain't safe here too,
It's time of hunter thinks,

Yet A paradise for relentless dreamers,
Heaven for those who work hard,
Most are kind with cunning Mind,
others are ruthless bard,

The city too has its dark part where it thinks no light exists
Slums is what the city call it
Home is what I call it

With people not aware of words
But full of deep expressions
With shouting lane and peaceful mind
A soul soothing sensation

The place where lives the real smiles
A heart with no jealousy
Jealous is the city by us
Where lives the human creatures......

© ak_writes