Between Love and Hate.

love and hate
lives another world.
One without judgements,
or crimes.
With no
problems at all.

It expresses
truth and sincerity.
A natural
and most honest
of ways to,
live our lives.

There is
no prejudice,
there is
no intent,
of ill will.
love and hate,
is a world
we can build.

love and hate,
lives an ideal world.
We may not
always succeed.
But in
our hearts
we can start,
on that
ladder of
good will.

we don’t
always express,
what we’re
feeling inside.
As fine line
between can,
sometimes hide.

We can
at times,
our own
too much.

of ourselves,
we are
kings and
we’re queens,
with a,
solid gold touch.

When using
our energy
for cold
and calculating hate.
We only display,
the cruel world.
That we
live, well within.
Showing that
most negative world,
through our
seat of dislike.
That we
happily choose
to knock down,
just to grill
on the fire.

Building on
that dark
and deep hatred,
from our bizarre
and most
hateful desires.

We become such
ignorant beings,
with a intense
and quite mental,
blindness of sight.

As we
get stuck
in this place,
creating much
ill health
for ourselves.
From those
hostile ways,
that help
to create
all of those
extreme and
of behaviours,
as we’re
so sad enough
in ourselves,
to have such
childish like fights.

We add on
clear intentions,
of pure destruction
from inside.
Just showing
no care,
expressing all
of those hateful words,
that we choose
not to hide.

In turn,
we act like
small children.
In our own,
little worlds.
our feet,
while throwing,
those bricks
at the world!

love and hate
lives another world.
With no,
judgements or crimes.
With no,
problems at all.


© Josephine Daniels.