"Whispers of Betrayed Love: A Melody of Healing and Redemption"
In the realm of love, a fragile dance we sway,
Where trust and devotion find their way.
But alas, betrayal's bitter sting does seep,
Leaving hearts wounded, shattered, and weak.

Once entwined, two souls shared a sacred bond,
Promises whispered, a love so fond.
Yet deceit crept in, like a thief in the night,
Leaving love's sanctuary cloaked in blight.

Betrayal's touch, a cruel and icy hand,
Leaving scars that time may never mend.
But amidst the pain, love's flame still burns,
Yearning for a chance, for trust's return.

For love is resilient, it knows no bounds,
Though tested, it rises, still profound.
So let us heal, learn to forgive and grow,
For love's redemption is the sweetest glow.
© shreeyakamble