Reading a book, relaxing lazily I was on my hammock

A sqeal I heard; on peeping out, I got a real shock

Standing a little away, was an Elly small n a giraffe tall

Luckily they were both outside the compound wall

They looked cute, this Elly plump n Twigaa, majestic n tall

Frehan, who was in the resort, at Twigaa threw a ball;

This, for our four legged cutie pies, was a game; a play-call

The Elly caught it in his trunk, because it was about to fall

Now I kept my book aside, enjoying all this I was, from my hammock

When came the ball straight on to me, which Elly from his trunk, did unlock

Caught it I, n threw it back to Twigaa, who returned the ball;

Between the Twigaa and Elly, they didn't allow the ball to fall

Watching this all, was Zoish the animal lover, our cute little doll;

Besides her was standing Frehan handsome n tall, who wouldn't let the ball fall.

A video if made, would be a life time memory to this episode recall.

Armin Dutia Motashaw