Not the Smiling Type
So what if I don't feel like smiling,
What exactly is there to smile about?
Though I have life ,not like I ain't grateful,
But I'm not the smiling type,
If you must know.

So what if I don't feel like smiling,
Yea ,I look mean and unapproachable,
But who cares,
Surely not me,
Cause I ain't smiling just because you asked me to.

No I ain't sad,
No I ain't mad,
I might be going crazy but you won't know the difference,
And that's total a fact.

Whatever !!
So I might look grumpy,
But to be honest I am really happy,
I'm an introvert what do you expect,
I ain't the type to get all smiley with folks ,
Forgive me if I sound upset.

But trust me ,
I'm a kind hearted person if you get to know me,
Approach me if you must,
And you'll see the difference .

Or maybe just don't !!😏🤣

© Toneywrites