If Everyone Prostrated To God
If everyone bowed down to God,
And stopped all their sinning,
If everyone gave up alcohol,
Drugs and adultery, and bowed down to God.
If they prostrated to God, and let go of their ego,
Maybe then God will show himself.
Because the world is in sin,
There is a lot of corruption and no peace.
This is making God angry,
Therefore God (Allah) is causing us to suffer
because we are living a life of sin.
This is why God sent prophets to stop humans from sinning and from causing corruption on earth.
Some of you do not believe, because prehaps you need more answers. But God is there and he is angry.
We could wipe out the entire planet by doing good deeds, helping one another, praying and staying away from sin, will make people happy.
Some of you worship sun, an idol or a stone.
This makes God unhappy. We can make the world pure again by sending out divine energy, by connecting to the divine, that’s why he always sends people and chooses people to make this world a better place. Not that many people are willing to let go of their ego. You ask God to show himself, how can he when we are refusing to believe in him after he has shown us many signs, you can find his signs everywhere. God is pure, in order to connect
with him, one must be clean and free of ego, free of pride, free of selfishness. This is God’s planet. He wants to help but most of live in delusion.
Let us all find a quiet place and call out to God today.
© WarriorWithin