An Ode To Water
Amazing liquid, so clear and pure,
The essence of existence,
so important and cherished.
From vast oceans to flowing rivers,
Your beauty is evident in lakes and streams.
In gentle raindrops, you descend,
Providing nourishment to the earth
and all living beings.
You satisfy our thirst,
you purify our souls,
In your embrace,
our true selves emerge.
Majestic waves crashing and roaring,
A powerful symphony we admire.
In peaceful pools, a serene reflection,
Mirroring the world with a calming excitement. With patient elegance, you shape the land,
Creating canyons and leaving a mark.
In ice and frost, a dream of crystals,
A winter marvel, a shining spark.
Oh water, the source of all life,
In every form, you bring comfort.
A natural gift, a valuable treasure.
© Simrans

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