Moon asked. Who made you stare at me?
In the quiet of the night, when shadows dance,
The moon, a silent observer, took a chance,
To question life's most profound, its essence,
"What makes a soul, what gives it depth and presence?"
A celestial being, wise and serene,
Pondered over the secrets that life has seen,
The ebb and flow of human emotions,
A symphony of feelings, myriad motions.
For in the depths of our hearts, a story unfolds,
A tale of love, loss, and life's many folds,
And as the moon's gentle light illuminated,
The beauty of the soul, its spirit ignited.
A soul, a canvas of dreams and desires,
A tapestry of memories, of laughter and tears,
A beacon of hope, a flame that burns bright,
A treasure to cherish, a wondrous delight.
So, the moon listened, to the whispers of the night,
As the world around it slept, in peace and delight,
For in the stillness, it found the answer it sought,
The soul, a mirror of the heart, its essence wrought.
© प्रियंका