Get it together!
*Vivian pot of thoughts*

Day 002/100


Take one, add two to make it three.
Hold on, cool down, it's real.
Move on food first and sleep.
Get up, foot on, don't trip.

Get it together, now or never.
Accept reality,then comes in serenity.
Be of good courage, and turn each page.
Get it together,no need to ponder.
Get it together, people are ready to gather.

You can get it together.
Get prepared and face the fear.

The day is bright only because you are alive to see the light.

This is a second chance to take a glance not minding the distance and take a stance.
This is reality in a city that has no pills for pity.

Get it together!
The earlier the better.
Don't be depressed,
To be the best, you don't have to relent.

Get it together, the latter is better than the former.

Get it together and receive the letter that will bring the medal.

Get it together,take a shower and take your bread with butter because your efforts will be crowned with medal.