There’s this group of people living in this world with us that I make silent prayers for.

I just type out their names and send to my mother to help me put them in her prayers.

Those who it takes a deep sense of sensitivity sometimes to detect that they’re in need.

Those who don’t know how to ask for help when they’re in a tight corner.

Those who see asking for assistance is just disturbing someone else and so they rather push and fight through it all.

Those who have the extra energy to not lose their thoughtfulness even when life throws a heavy burden at them.

Those who continue to hold onto optimism, who refuse to change to worse, even when they have seen shits from people.

Those who have a rare kind of energy to breathe more life into another, even when they, too, are losing their own strengths.

Those who smile often, who retain their grace and demure, who weave humor in devastating moments because they love to see people laugh and be happy.

You’ll hardly notice when they break down and are in need.

These people, these kind of people, are always in my thoughts. And I wish they always pull through.

Dear JK.
© jk