I see people take things I wouldn't take as a corpse. All because they need to belong; To feel loved. Man, I really pray that you find a woman that loves you. You'll learn to value yourself more. You won't have to pay an arm & a leg for sex. I pray you get to be loved, man. Damn!

I see women bruised & bleeding having to coax love out of a man. Trying to sanitize rejection with "all men cheat", "as long as he comes back home"; trying to mine love where there's none. I hope you get to be loved by a man that won't need reminding!

And when you don't find that love, I hope you find the courage to leave. I hope you won't say, "if he/she cheats, we cheat". That's a competition of fools.; A brothel of trauma. You'll find grace. Learn to leave people behind. Love yourself a little bit more! You'll be okay!
© jk