Lost nostalgic location

Away from the hustle and bustle,
in the lap of the nature,
resided a wonderful treasure,
an opportunity for tranquil solitude.

With the chirruping of songbirds,
and rushing of small mammals,
a small stream went deep,
within a magic tunnel.

It was my escape,
every expedition, I was excited,
for explorations, new discoveries,
of wild plants or animals.

It was a local spot,
not identified in tourist map,
giving us the feeling of adventures,
along dark paths of twist and turns.

But it didn't lasted long,
I was away for my profession,
once returned our group planned,
to visit memories, trip to nostalgia.

What awaits us, made us shocked,
the area was changed too much,
the nature has lost its touch,
with narrow roads and crowded shops.

Not a step we could take,
every corner became selfie stage,
in the noise of smiles and laughters,
we realized to have lost our silence.

How I lament these modern days,
spreading of tourism in virgin terrains,
as these places slowly loses their charm,
in the quest for gatherings and displays.