I Wonder
Another night
I smile
As I lay there
The gift of cosmos

Darkness, pitch black
Stars and nocturnal beasts
My companions
I close my eyes, I inhale

Staring into the void,
I feel, I hear, I experience
The voices in my head
They are growing

Ah! My friends
I'm not alone
Here are them
Dwelling in the mind

I can hear the arguments,
The thoughts,
The questions, undefined

What is life, the existence
Is it of any purpose?
A product of random happenings?
Don't you wonder?

Don't you look at your hands?
And at the stones?
Some with life, some not
Yet built of the same electrons and quarks and strings

Don't you look at them?
Your loved ones
They smiled at you
You smiled

What are they?
A collection of particles
Held together by forces

Formed from nebulae
Chemicals evolved to forms
Able to love and hate and cry
I don't understand.

Think of your sweetheart
You tear up your chest
Gouge out your still-beating heart
Give it to her and you smile

Who are you?
Who is she?
Just an arrangement
Of proteins and carbs and fats

You, thinking
And feeling
Making philosophies

Who are you?
Energy, nothing more

What have we done?

We got science
We created art
Conquering the world

We got wars
We got crimes
We got peace

We got music
We study black holes
We wonder

Just the way the particles interact

Getting louder
A chaos of images
Don't know what to do

Strangely therapeutic
I smile again
I also wonder
I start thinking

Thinking and thinking and thinking
I slip away

© Sharon S