Ex-best friend and Ex-boyfriend relationship.
Unfriend is like you live in exile and coexist.

Unfriend can hurt like an elvish blade.

Unfriend can also hurt like an elvish bow and arrows.

Unfriend can leave you alone for the rest of your life and you feel like am outcast.

Unfriend can also hurt like a rose thorn.

Unfriend is like being ghost out by your ex-best friends.

Ex-best friends can show up anywhere and anger can boil up.

Ex-best friends can hurt you like an orc blade and like a sword or knife.

Ex-best friends are like orcs and goblins and you have to get rid of them.


Ex-boyfriend can forget you and it hurts like a elvish daggers.

Ex-boyfriend can show up out of nowhere and wants you back.

Ex-boyfriend can hurt you in an evil ways you can't imagine.

Ex-boyfriend can be a parasite and an elf that wants you back.

Ex-boyfriend can also ask you back into a relationship.

Ex-boyfriend can also be a good boyfriend in the end.

The lesson in this poem never trust your ex-best friend and boyfriend.
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