I often stop and observe.
Observe and absorb the moments.
Running memory scans and burning
the after image into my mind.
For what else is the purpose of this sentience?
Would it not be more productive to be mindless?
Living only to create and succeed with no care for any one single moment.

Then why crave to get drunk among the winds rolling against the tall field grass?
Why feel the deep seeded pull to float with a joyful buoyancy down a winding unmapped river?

Why instead of a prophetic glimpse
into a systematic success,
when I close my eyes at night,
I see you.
Standing in a waterfall.
Your eyes fixed to a point in the sky.
Your essence being just one more beauty among the nature.

Perhaps, we are already in the kingdom
And God just allocated the power to us.
Maybe we simply weren’t right for the job.
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