Sitting Bird...
I saw a bird sitting by,
It whispered softly in my ear,
That my lover's missing me, oh my!
And longs to hold me near.
The bird, it chirped a sweet refrain,
Of love that spans both space and time,
Though we're apart, our hearts remain,
In sync with rhythm and with rhyme.
Its feathers,so soft and light,
Brought the message from afar,
That we'll reunite, in it we'll delight,
Our love shall be our guiding star.
As I gazed up at this feathered friend,
I felt my heart begin to soar,
With hope and love, that won't ever end,
Our bond is strong and forevermore.
So though we're miles and miles apart,
The bird has brought us nearer,
For in my heart, I hold you dear,
And I know you feel the same, my sweetheart.
I close my eyes and feel your touch,
Your arms around me, oh so tight,
And though it might seem much too much,
I'll wait for you, with all my might.
For the bird has brought me a message true,
That love can conquer all,
So I send my love to you,
Until we answer love's sweet call.