Every Father's reaction after Daughter's marriage.
The voice falters, but a song lingers on my lips,
Go on home, dear one, leave me with my tears and grief.

With a sacred book in hand and childlike words you spoke,
I cherished our times, together, as I wrote
Prayers to Lord Ganesha, teaching you each line.
Now I'm left with memories, pretending I'm fine.

In your baby talk, I found music and delight,
But now the melody fades, into the silent night.
Each note that you once sang felt like a gift,
Now I’m left to mourn, my spirit's been adrift.

How do I say goodbye? These ties are breaking fast,
My body’s walking away, but my heart cannot go past.
One whose child is their treasure must one day let go,
Now I return as a stranger, with an ache that only grows.

I hope you liked my poem.


© Live alone