New moon
They say love is a beautiful miracle,
they write it so well that my heart reaches pinnacle.
The sing about it loosing right and wrong,
it feels illicit like drugs, oh so strong.
They talk how it feels to have them in your arms,
I've seen it often how people showcase charms.

But what about me?
Who fell all alone,
oblivious of how they were always gone.
It wasn't meant to be,
since they were already matched to thee.
Now that I realise why I unsee,
it's so unfair and illegal to feel.

It was supposed to be anything but ugly,
I wanted the steady steps not stumbly.
Before I could claim,
it flew away from reach, drown in else's name.
What did I do to deserve this?
for once in hell, could I have the bliss?
© bhavya_sheisvintage