Out of Air
Silence used to be my sweet solace
It distinguishes me from the ghouls
My soul's at ease with its embrace
Solitude was one of my vital tools

Painful it is when it seems to appear
Excruitiates my lungs, bulges my eyes
Heart swells in fright, and out of fear
I see peace as one of the devilish lies

Choke the cries, demons of my head
External stimuli, sips my nutritions
I would rather be a drained dread
Guilt of losing from my compulsions

After all of these actions, I took a pause
Out straight, highway, midnight swerves
See the road, visualize my every loss
Guilts aboard, how'd my back curves

World's force, againsts my slim shoulder
Fix slightly, bad company, some trouble
Borrows confidence, to form a boulder
Dying, out of air, yet she gave it a cradle

© Dizon