A Puppy's Tale"

In a cozy home, by the fire's warm glow,
Lies a puppy, with eyes all a-glow,
Adorned by his master with love so true,
A bond between them, forever anew.

With fur as soft as the morning dew,
And eyes that sparkle like skies so blue,
He wags his tail with boundless glee,
As his master's touch sets his heart free.

A collar of red, a leash so bright,
Guiding their steps through day and night,
Together they roam, through fields of green,
In a world where love is always seen.

Snuggled close in their favorite chair,
They share secrets, without a care,
For in this moment, nothing else matters,
As they bask in love's sweetest splatters.

So here's to the puppy, so cute and sweet,
Adorned by his master, in love complete,
A bond so pure, it will never sever,
For they'll journey on, together, forever.

© @Ruharsh