There is always a hope: beating heart
The universe may seem to fall apart,
crumbling, shattering and piercing your soul with anxiety.
(thump.. thump.. thump..)
the flowers losing their fragrance,
leaves falling and crows cooing,
heavy clouds covering the sky
as if the world is painted dark.
(thump.. thump.. thump..)
now came a heavy downpour,
sun was never seen again.
the waves betrayed the moon,
and the stars lost their might.
(thump.. thump.. thump..)
the world began a war and,
even the shadows ceased to accompany.
just when you fail to find any more faith
and you hear it again..
(thump.. thump.. thump..)
goes on and on and on..
your heart !!
There is always always a hope :
Your beating heart !

you dont need to find any hope in the outer world.. look within.. trust in your own time ticker - your heart !🫀

~Jeea J.

© Jeea