I don’t know
Where we go
I don’t know
What heaven looks like…
We paint a picture of
Our own paradise…

Do we become nothin after we passed on?
Or we turn into somethin else?

You tell a child
We go to heaven after
We die, and that’s a lie

You have no idea
Either..we don’t know what
God looks like..

And you can always say
To your baby I don’t know
Where we will be
Where we will go
In Afterlife…

To be honest
With you
Religion is propaganda

Nobody knows
Where we will locate
When we left our bodies
Nobody knows
What time is death goin to get us…

And the worst thing about
Is that you can’t come back to the livin
To visit your loved ones…
Only when you’re ghosts or
Ancestors will always guide your soul
If you believe that….

I really don’t know
Where to go in afterlife
All I can say is
Someone loss

Your loved one
Your friend
Is in a better place
Or he or she doesn’t want you
To be sad…everythin is goin to be ok
That’s the most comfortin thing to sooth
The heart of grief
That’s only thing I can think of

Death situation
And you try to find ways to
Give sympathy and empathy
From your soul is difficult…
All you can do is be there
Be their beautiful support…
Listen give them space when

I don’t know what to do
In afterlife
Don’t know what to expect

That’s my opinion.

🫶🏾💯©️ Kai C. 4-18-24
© Kai C..