Same Difference

Meet me in the middle,
With an open mind,
Set aside differences,
We're the same kind.
Face me in the meadow
We don't have to fight
A light cast in the shadows
Unfolds the harsh reality
That our differences are far the same.

Got excess food but cannot feed
Cancer just hit your throat with an itch
I've got little food that cannot feed
My family full, poverty is within reach.
Yesterday too you could not move
Into your room walking on two
An amputation from the tragic fall.
Well, mine too has never moved
into his room walking on two
A realisation from his conception
His limbs were weak not just for a week.

I heard the wails, from outside the gates
His body was whirled into the graves
How few were the guests who stayed up late
To see you through after the wake.
Makes me remember, you couldn't make it
The day we called neighbors in makeshifts
To help us close the dear memories
You were so cold , had to crawl into his arms
Now they are both gone, yet here we stand
Nursing different wounds from the same pain. Why not meet me in the middle, we are the same Kind.

© Be Kisambi