Dream of Heart
In my heart, a secret brews, a dream untold,
Opposite to his type, yet my feelings unfold.
I wonder if deep within his soul, he feels the same,
But reality whispers, it's just a one-sided flame.

A fleeting glance, a second's embrace,
Can set a heart racing in a silent chase.
But perhaps it's all in my mind's design,
A playful jest, a trick of time.

I flutter and I dream, in quiet delight,
Yet reality's grasp, it's a somber fight.
A love unspoken, a wish to be near,
But I know deep down, it's what I must bear.

For it's one-sided, a truth I can't ignore,
A dream in my heart, forevermore.
I'll know my limits, put down my heart's shutter,
Accepting that love's a beautiful flutter.
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