Greatest rift
A rift now stands were laughter used to flow,
A fight with you, a wound that won't let go
my bro ,my pal a bond I thought so strong
Now silence hangs, a heavy, mournful song
The sting of words, a careless hurtful blow
Yet deeper cuts,a player who didn't know
They drew you close, and I was left behind
a lonely girl searching for a kind
Did you forget, beneath the friendships light,
that I was here, through it all
I yearn for bridges built for mending relationships
A yearn whisper a bridge I long to mend
wondering were the closeness disappeared to
The storm of sadness, this unspoken plea
perhaps someday again we'll laugh
My heart aches still, but friendship never die
For you're my pal beneath a clear blue sky

hiii thank you all for reading I'm not that great at this but it only telling my current state 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢 1000% heartbroken 💔