Inferno’s Lament
In the realm where fire meets water's kiss,
Lovers entwined in a dance of bliss.
But fate's cruel hand, a divide it drew,
Between the flames and the ocean's blue.

She, a tempest, wild and free,
He, a spark in the night's decree.
Their love ignited, a fervent desire,
Yet destined to burn in passion's pyre.

Her waves crashed fiercely upon the shore,
His flames flickered, longing for more.
But water quenches fire's bold embrace,
Leaving nothing but ashes in its place.

They yearned to merge, to become one,
Underneath the blazing sun.
But destiny whispered a sorrowful song,
Of love that's forbidden, where hearts belong.

So fire wept tears of embered pain,
While water mourned in silent rain.
Their love, a tale of forbidden lore,
In the realm where fire meets water's shore.


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