The Olde Ocean Tells

A wonderful day at a sandy beach,
And I gaze aimlessly as I walk endlessly.
Looking out at the sea,
I feel calm, at peace, serene.
Staring up at the birds of shades so neutral,
Wondering where they fly from.

When all of a sudden,
Out of both sky and salty blues,
Here it comes, a storm brews,
Coming for me,
And coming as Doom.

I get whipped in my face with both sea foam and sand,
Leaving not merely a sting, but a burning brand.
The winds send waves gushing,
Over my body,
And before I know it,
I am no longer me-
I am married to the ocean,
The sea and I - One Soul.
When I went missing,
The woes left behind were unbearable,
Weeping and gnashing,
Sharks and Orcas thrashing.

Aye! I am still here,
As a siren, bare, on a rock offshore,
Tempting those who stare!

Aye! I am still here,
The treasure hunter that did not care,
To get too close to Oceanic Wonder,
Now turned to Sea-Raging Danger!

Aye! I am still here,
As the sea breeze that whispers,
And the dolphins that frollick and dance without care!

I am still here!
Haunting the shore as a long, lost Spirit!
With tales being told, so Odd, so Bizarre, so Unreal,
Which just keeps spinning, like my head, and like the whirlpool, that I sit in when I come out of my body, the ocean, to see all the commotion,
Of the world I left
And the world I am still in.

The End.

© Karen R. Hickey