Richard Ducking
My wants stirs
My body burns
My words slurs
I scream please sir!
My body yearns!

Your bodys pressure
Sensations I treasure
I'm growing wetter
Can you see my nectar

You hold back with glee
I see you desire me
Don't make me plea

I'm not lazy
I'll show you victory
You'll lose control eventually
You'll see
I'm too sexy

I'll show you a masterpiece
On my knees
Not even in panties
You show me what's underneath
I'll show you my abilities
I feel your tension increase
My hunger you will appease

You push me of before I'm fed
And throw me on the bed
I give you the go-ahead
My legs you spread
That composure you've shred
Your clothes you've shed
That bod is making me sweat

Feel my ember
Don't be tender
You enter your member
I only surrender

Our flame of desire
You bring me higher
You just won't tire
I can't help but admire
My mind gone in the fire

We moan
My body you own
My mind you've blown
That's enough testosterone
What a great bone


✨ Extra ✨

Our bodies stay together
This could last forever
But leaving soon feels better
Your fire I'll always remember

© Oliver Everheart