Satan has clone religion
Man thinks their technology, is so far ahead of God's words, that they forget, that death wasn't A word until man gave it life.
Disobedience has been the number one Failure of God's creation.
Understand life, we bring our own storms and wars for our sins, because our choice is freer than what we won't believe in, Jesus.
They think cloning people and animals and making a chip is such an amazing accomplishment, but everything without God's ability is a failure.
Look at man's choices to die eternally, for the laws that make it an abomination against God's will.
Deceptions have given this world, better lies than secrets, look at
our Politics, Congress, president, scientist, Justice system, and pastors, foods , Prophets,
Feelings were never at the last supper with Jesus, It was his will.
This world has become Judas
For Sodom and Gomorrah.
It's getting too close to death ,are we ready to live or leave, because dying gotta come,
for the fakeness .
Frederick Pennix Aka Praiser The Poet The Show: Off Worshiper
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