"The Journey of Generations: Family, Education, and Legacy."
In my maternal grandmother's embrace so warm, Beside my grandfather, with wisdom's charm.

In childhood's haven, their love profound, Guiding me with care, joy all around.

Amidst their love, my journey took flight, Fueled by my father's endless might.

Through every challenge, he stood by my side, His unwavering support, a steady guide.

My mother's hard work, a beacon bright, Her sacrifices, a guiding light.

Through trials and triumphs, she held the reins, In her strength, my hopes sustain.

In Fauji Foundation's halls, my journey did start, With each lesson learned, each beating heart.

Through the corridors, knowledge did flow, Guided by teachers, watchful and slow.

Then to Army Public School, my path did lead, Through every lesson, every need.

Amidst the hustle, amidst the crowd, My dreams took shape, firm and proud.

Each grade, each stride, in the pursuit of my dream, Their love and support, a constant stream.

In matric's triumph, their pride did glow, In Army Public's halls, my spirit did grow.

Though my grandfather's journey on earth did end, His legacy lives on, forever my friends.

In every milestone, his spirit's near, Guiding me forward, dispelling fear.

So here's to my family, shining bright, In my journey's song, a beacon of light.

Their love, their sacrifices, forever shall be, In my heart's chamber, eternally.

© Irtiza