Echoes of Truth
Has man learned to bow his head?
Ha! Behold this beloved land,
Year by year, more rights descend,
A nation's fate held in an ungentle hand.

See it dance; the world whirls and splits,
Excusing the flower's dying throes,
Deaf to lies a blind prophet emits,
In greed, he revels, in laughter he throws.

Our hearts desiccate, brothers we harm,
While politicians feast, citizens pine,
Some crave the coin, some the farm,
Yet both do not falter to drink blood as wine!

Count and ponder; sands hasten to scatter,
Poison consumes joy, transforms to woe,
Venom enlists, veins it does batter,
Chaos submits order, as chaos reigns in tow.

These are the fruits of my discerning mind,
Feast upon them, you heartless kind,
Dagger plunged into the world's very core,
Injecting darkness, a poison's pour,
But clouds of storm will soon implore,
Justice-bearing tempest, coming to the fore.

© ValdorBellegarde