The Era Of Mona Lisa

The Era Of Mona Lisa

Even centuries when the first grow old.Getting frail and the visions dull.The skin transformation; turned from pale to beige with a hint of tan as the test of time mortalfy the edges.The era in time will live longer than a king's disease underneath the lense, trying to mutate itself into a common interest for a genocide.Active duty; acting out the script; scribble scrabble the face of humanity like a declined prayer request, held up at the gate, and the fowls of the air witness the lucrative pandemic in it's rarest form.People are going to copy me, trying their best to make perfect duplicates just to make sure you don't get suspicious of the way they believe you.Bring me the witches hollow in liquid form.The era a show throughout the year of the millennial fashion show; competitive movement to retail the original story about the era of a mysterious Mona Lisa.Competition; Competition; yeah right.

I know I'm a star, one so distant but blazing ever so brightly!

It's why you among many think you have an idea you want to be a better me, but if I shine through the pain you've caused and one thousand times the circumference of the sun, what room is there for you to take that away from me.

You only shine when everything is going well for you.

You can't sleep with a broken heart, to see the whole coast trying to make you out to be more or less science fiction, but long enough to fill the cold hearts with laughter and at the same time fill your own with darkness.

It feels like the weight of the world; the era of Mona Lisa, and you know she might run the program someday if she's wise; if she's courageous, and if she wants to make up for everything you took away.

I don't have to fake the smile, when you know all about the story my love just couldn't get it right.If I asked why he's detrimental to be so cold, I already know that it's he feels like God to the seasons of the souls he double crosses.He puts on a ghost mask, to hide himself from the world, to keep me awake at night, I know he's with someone else to change it.I don't know why he feels he has to lie.I can feel her dying.I don't want to hurt no more, I don't think I should personally be under you, now that you're willing to with some other guy.I know that it's over.I don't wanna fight over you.I don't want to be into you.I don't want to know you now that I tried to fix this more than three times, but I knew in the era of Mona Lisa that I was the side.Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes© Dashaun Rashod Snipes

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