Puzzled Yet Lucid
An eternal war of thoughts,
Persuasive to leave or stay
Leading to a puzzled maze
Could even grizzle through time,
Yet the heart yearns no detachment.
I wonder how all this happened,
No regret but a tantrum thrown
Outbursting if only you wouldn't hurt
The days would be peaceful
Or was it all my overthinking?
However the hypnotic world still revolves
Unvieling each page with a mystery
With there's you smiling brightly,
Then the soul in a second melts tenderly
Somehow I enjoy regardless of the odds,
Looking so wishful to hold together for this life.
Maybe that's what you call love
Like magnets exchanging the polarity so often,
It's said the opposites attract each other.

© RR
#loving #iscommitment #holdingclose
BG credits: wallpapersafari