How do I tell you i wait the entire day to text??
How do I tell you mean so much to me??
How do I even tell you that all I wish is to talk to you??
I know i am dramatic and You are different....
It's getting hard day by day seeing me fading in your life...
At the end i will remain as nothing but just a little bit of your daily life...
How do I even swallow all this even if i know and go crazy behind you??
How do I even tell your were the beautiful lie that ever happened to me??
How do I even tell you the things i wished tell only you??
How do I even hate you when you fill my entire world??
How can I even be madly in love with you??
How do I build up courage to face everything that i am going through??
How do I tell i breaking into peices each day faking all the talks and smiles??
Would you even accept me for who i am?
Would ever change the way you see me??
Would i ever be close to you??
Would you love the way I do??
Can I ever call you mine??
Why am I so damn insecure??
I don't really have who i can really talk about what's going on...
Still waiting for a day where i can easily share what i am been without fear of being judged ....
I know it's good to stay on my own but I am tired and just tired of everything.
Just need you to stay with me.