Light Stalker
And what does that mean?
I don't mean to be rude.
I'm flattered I guess, or was it meant to be crude?

I have some questions, I'm annoying like that.
There's a power in words, how they can be used and mislead.
Underlying intentions, your motives and greed.

I'm curious what it is you like about me.
It's easy to say with nothing to mean.
Manipulation of emotions that come across clean.

I'm at a place in my life where I know who I am,
I like me these days. I don't need your scam.
I want brutal honesty, I'm taking precautions.
Cause yes, There's a right and wrong answer to portions.

There are just certain things that begin to rub the wrong way,
Like the fake and pretentious words that you say.
No thought put in, just words off your tongue.
Twisted and garbled, pretending you're fun.

No commonsense and morals you lack.
Whenever it's questioned you jump on the attack.
Avoiding growth like the plague, as if it would kill you,
Up everyone's arse, double checking the menu.

Wanting something for nothing, always deflecting your trouble.
Overstepping the personal bubble.
It's simple for some, to grow and enlighten.
While you try to pillage the light that we brighten.

Light stalk on your own, we'll give it a miss.
Go drag yourself down to your self made abyss.
Leave us light bringers where we belong in the dark.
Bringing light to the needy, helping relight there spark.

© Miss Messica