Catch Me Dad

Catch me dad
Across the fields we run and laugh
Golden sunlight on our backs
Heartbeat racing, laughter unbound

Catch me dad
In the moment we share, joy unfurls
But as the day recklessly fades
Catch me dad
In the sorrow of a fleeting day

Catch me dad, let's run and play
In fields of gold, let's laugh and sway
The sun is warm, the sky so blue
Joyful moments, just me and you

But time has passed, the years have flown
The light has dimmed, I stand alone
Catch me dad, in dreams we'll be
Together again, just you and me

Catch me dad, in the summer's bright delight,
Running wild, laughter echoing in flight,
Golden fields, alive with our shared glee,
Adventures boundless, just you and me.

The days have passed, now twilight's sorrow clad,
My heart yearns for the joy we once had.
Catch me dad, in the memories we once had.

Catch me dad, I soar with joy,
Through fields of gold, a carefree boy.
The sun is warm, the sky so blue,
My heart beats fast, my dreams come true.

Catch me dad, I fall too fast,
The storm engulfs this youthful mast.
My tears they fall, like rain so sad,
In this darkness, catch me dad.

Catch me dad
In your strong loving arms
Laughter fills the air
As we dance in delight

Catch me dad
But this time, in your memory
For you're no longer here
And my heart aches in the night
...please catch me dad.
© @Gj🐢