You bought me a bycycle
I wanted love
I cycled
all through the night
to be close to you.

I got a new flat
you bought me a
washing mashine
at that
time I wanted to make
it clean..

No no!
We looked at a house
you said
despite the
it could snow.

It is a corner ground
I should
showel snow
in the winter
Do not wanna live there!

I was willing to shout
so loud
"Is there anything
that could make
you care?'"

In a little while
I was no longer
then you began to care.

I met a new man
was not really my plan
I just had
to get rid of you
and the silly things
you do.

Then you died
left me again.
I am waiting for grieve
and disbeleave.

It is simply not coming
remember the chair
you were there.

Grief is not coming
no matter how
long I am humming
simply not

© Lucia