Dangerous Road for Love
A mysterious person by the road
Where his eyes is full of loath
Bloody clothes he's wearing
With a dead body near him

A killer who murdered his best friend
Because of one thing that he wants to end
Get rid of the worthless feelings
That was crave inside his heartstrings

It was a long night when I meet him
I know it's dangerous but still choosing him
Skin so cold but touch so gentle
Like I'm in the party making a jingle

Here he is, holding a flower and put it on me
As he cries and tried to buried me
He killed me out of jealousy and misunderstanding
Get a gun, holding it on his throat as he standing

Birds scattering as the loud bang scare them
It was none other than him
Killing himself as he don't wanna live anymore
As he murdered his beloved lover
He can't live without her

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