Hey there
Its 20 years since you left,
Its unfortunate that this day comes once every 4 years,
Its not that we celebrate only this once, but it's a day you went to watch over us.

All my life I've lived covered by what you build,
Your legacy, your name that whenever it's mentioned,
I can't keep calm but to brag about you,
You left so soon,
I was so young and I never had enough of you,
I vaguely remember everything about you,
But you know what,
what you left behind gives a sense of your presence any day, anytime.
Discipline being top,

I couldn't say Say goodbye,
But are you gone already,
I know you still within us looking upon us Papa❤️
I miss you, we all do ❤️
Power is what you left us to hold,
Blood thinker than a champagne that's why Your legacy lives,
That's why you are a booklet to always review when you mentioned Papa❤️,
Keep watching over Us 🫡

Life has changed and I still wish that you were still around to witness,
You only left two grandchildren,
So many more came after,
Its so sad that they say "Guka alienda mbinguni"
Today ain't a day to shed tears but a day to celebrate the Grace of God,
Ain't a day to wish you were here but a day to let you know that know matter how long you gone,
You are still in our hearts.
And hoping you are proud of us
No matter our short comings.

*In memory of Jeremiah Mutuaruhiu*
A husband , dad, grandfather..
#20 years
© Olive shiku