A Beloved Friend
#YearEndEchoes #Unboundedbonds #lostfriends #heartbreak

In shadows cast, a tale I'll weave,
Of one who, friendless, did believe,
That solitude would be his fate,
No light to lift the heavy weight.

But fate did twist, a friend appeared,
A soul so warm, a heart endeared,
To ease the grief, the pain, the strife,
And grant him solace in his life.

They shared their laughter, tears, and dreams,
In moonlit nights and sunlit beams,
Two souls entwined, their spirits whole,
A symphony of heart and soul.

Yet stars can fall from skies so high,
Inevitable goodbyes draw nigh,
She found another, left him cold,
His heart, once warm, now growing old.

Alone he stands, a broken heart,
A world now torn, his soul apart,
The rhythm of his life now gone,
In solitude, he marches on.

Oh, let the tears flow freely now,
For in this tale, we disavow,
The cruel twists of love's cruel game,
And mourn the echoes of her name.
© -Athenaa