When shadows lengthen, and the day does wane,
My thoughts take flight from the workday's chain.
From bustling hours, I find my sweet release,
In quietude, my weary mind finds peace.

The burdens carried, like a heavy pack,
Are laid to rest, I take a step back.
I seek the solace that the evening brings,
Where gentle thoughts take flight on tranquil wings.

The world's demands, a ceaseless, urgent quest,
But now I pause, I let my spirit rest.
In this brief interlude, a calming balm,
I find my center, greet the evening's calm.

With every breath, the cares of work unwind,
I leave behind the noise, the daily grind.
In contemplation's gentle, silent grace,
I rediscover in myself a sacred space.

For after work, when duties have been met,
I find a moment's solace to reset.
In these quiet musings, I'm made whole,
Ready to embrace the night and nourish my soul.
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