Yesterday is the love letter that was put in a ball ,burned in flames,
and whose remains were desolved in acid
but I still remember the contents because I've memorized them.

I was never known for cheating
but I've been robbing you of your time to reminisce on the past,
to get something back that could never be mine
And for that I'm sorry.

I've been trying to drag myself to you,
yet by the time I get there it's too late and once again you've gotten away from me,
But since I don't know when it is that we'll meet
There are some things I wanted to say and I guess there no better time to say them but now
I hope despite my unfaithfulness you'll
believe me.

You are so beautiful, so bright,
so full of possibilities that my mind gets overloaded just thinking about you
your glory became too much for me to handle that the only thing I can do now is bow my head,
But this slowly evolved from being out of respect to being out of shame
I can't look up cause looking down is more comfortable
I made a life out of yesterday's and it's the only sweet pain I know
See I don't do much work,
just let my brain burnout on things it can not solve
or heal, or change
It just stays sealed in a box of what if's,
plays out scenarios to different realities that can no longer exist,
See ,familiarity is an addiction we always seem to miss
And by some twist of fate
It has somehow become better to think of things I lost than of things I might have.

What I'm trying to say is
I know you're good for me
Yet I've failed to be wise enough to truly know the weight of those words
But despite my human nature
I will try my best to get to you
I hope you'll wait for me.
© #Silent_wolf