"Joy: The Beautiful Butterfly"
Dedicated to
My beautiful butterfly

A butterfly, a friend so dear,
Flits through the garden, far and near,
Her wings, a canvas, bright and bold,
A story whispered, yet untold,

From bloom to bloom, her laughter rings,
A gentle touch on fragile wings,
Each blossom kissed with love's soft grace,
A smile that lights upon her face,

Sun-kissed roses, blushing red,
Nod to the words that gently spread,
Daffodils in golden glee,
Dance to the joy she sets them free,

Like violets shy, she whispers low,
Secrets shared where wildflowers grow,
Her kindness, like the summer breeze,
Rustles through leaves on ancient trees,

Oh precious friend, a sight so rare,
A butterfly with love to share,
May your beauty forever bloom,
A garden friend, dispelling gloom,

穢 Lunadesigns