Hey Dear self
I'm sorry that I hurt you, I choose to love all this but I never loved you. I know you are afraid of rejection and I should've gave you protection but instead I just let you be used

I watched you crying and the clows every night made you say sorry in everytime you had issues, I know I hurt you everytime and I never listen. I know that you needed me but never gave you that, I wasn't there when you needed me the most, I was tryna make amends with my broken pieces

They told me that God's going before us no time to be cautious just trustin in the process it's His pleasure to apply pressure and the paciles of the sky will be happy if we sacrifice ourselves even though Jesus did it for us.

I know it's hard for you to live when you shouldn't stay, I know it's hard to feel safe when you feel alone, I know you feel like you do so much on your own and that's why you so alone in a place this crowded.

It's a natural type of pressure how you work that but the story in your mind it's been telling lies tryna convince you're ain't worthy of the good life and you almost stayed your whole life to define who you are and you tried to prove your self even if it killed you

Look what we started, hesitate cause we're both so guarded, only because we were taught "giving everything you had even when you had nothing was love" Can I take you back now, I wanna learn to love you and figure out how to give you what you need and accept you and stop blaming all this people that left you.

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