Skull Doesn't Squeak
Unseen flames, lost desire,
a heart numb, an icy pyre.
She exists, yet disagrees,
With a world that fails to appease.
Who are you? In Death embrace...

Through the dream's mist she roams,
Her soul adrift, a ship unbound,
A ghostly dance, ethereal tones.
In search of solace, whispers resound.

Within the garden, where secrets lie,
A withered rose, yearning to defy,
Desires bloom, fading gasp of hope,
Longing for light, a chance to elope.

Within the secret garden's grasp,
A rose once vibrant, now bereft,
Desires bloom, a fading gasp.
Longs for light, a chance to be kept.
What are you doing? In silence embrace...

Life springs forth, a hopeful plea,
Naive and kind, her spirit bright.

But her heart beats, devoid of fire,
As her lips speak, aspirations soar,
Words take flight, secrets they adore.
Seeking warmth, yearning to inspire.

Yet her heart beats, devoid of fire,
Her eyes close, a peaceful sleep,
Her lips speak, the words aspire.
Her words take flight, secrets they keep.
Who were you? In Life's embrace...

© ValdorBellegarde